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Vrtulniky nad Tatrami / Helicopters above Tatras

Helicopters above Tatras
Helicopters above Tatras - Contents

The book is subtitled A Concise History of Air Rescue.

"The book is dedicated to all those who have stood at the birth of the mountain air rescue service and to those who have continued that mission up to this day. It is dedicated to the self-sacrificing crews of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service operating personnel, dispatchers, physicians, paramedics and to all those who passed away or died in the aircrafts when on their difficult missions." Pavol Sveton, author.

The book is written in Slovak and with concise English text.

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Vrtuľníky nad Tatrami / Helicopters above Tatras - sold out
Autor: Pavol Svetoň
Price: EUR 11.16
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Category: Mountaineering, Climbing
Published by: Matica Slovenská
Edition 1.
Published in 2009.
ISBN: 9788081150104
240 pp.
Dimensions: 16.50 x 23.50 cm
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Published: 2009-11-06
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