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Kratky slovnik slovenskeho jazyka (Dictionary of the Slovak language)

Kratky slovnik slovenskeho jazyka

Concise dictionary of the Slovak language is a must have dictionary for everybody who works with this language. The dictionary is concise only from the point of view of the Slovak language vocabulary, not from the point of view of its contents and dimensions of the book. The dictionary contains explanation of meanings of sixty thousands Slovak words. Published in 2003 in the 4th reedition by the Slovak Academy of Science.

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Slovnik sucasneho slovenskeho jazyka

Slovensky jazyk (Testy, diktaty, cvicenia, zbierky uloh, pomocky)

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Category: Slovak Language, Textbooks
Published by: VEDA
Edition 4.
Published in 2003.
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Published: 2004-06-03
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