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Birdwatching Tours - Devinska Kobyla

Bee - eater

A half day visit to the National Nature Reserve Devinska Kobyla, a protected area of a European significance with a unique geology, flora, fauna and history.

More than 350 fossil findings in this location are evidence of the former presence of sea.

Visiting in spring you can admire the golden color of Spring Pheasant's Eye, later in summer beautiful rare orchids bloom together with the other threatened plant species.

Spot the typical inhabitants such as Bee – eater, Sand Martin and Black Woodpecker.

All of this beauty is a part of Bratislava area.


Hiking in Nature Reserve

Sand hill with fossil findings

Warm loving fauna and flora

Bee - eaters


Kingfisher - Alcedo Atthis

In the Danube River branches near Bratislava it is possible to see Kingfisher - Alcedo Atthis. Kanoe trip is needed.

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Published: 2005-06-25
Updated: 2005-06-25

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