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Koenigswarte - Observation Tower near the Berg Village

A Tourist Map in Berg

Tourist map in Berg.

Fountain in Berg

DreiLanderBrunnen - Fountain located in Berg, was build as commemoration of Austro-Hungarian-Slovakian friendship in this Euro-region.

The Watch-Tower Königswarte

Koenigswarte is the most eastern mountain in Austria. Observation tower offers a magnificent view from the oak forest in the east to the Vienna woods and to the first of the Alps with the mountains Schneeberg and Rax. From the Hungarian low plain in the east, the former "iron courtain", which once made up the Austrian-Hungarian border, far out to the Carpathian Mountains in Slovakia, lake Neusiedl, the March-Danube National park and on into the vegetable producing region of Austria, Marchfeld.

A view from the Koenigswarte tower on Bratislava

A view from the Koenigswarte tower on Bratislava and Male Karpaty mountains. In front is the Pottenburg ruin.

Landscape around Berg

Landscape around the Berg village with wind roses.

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Komentare k clanku

- Chcem iba spytat, ci sa da ist aj na bicykli na tu vyhliadku nad Bergom? Emil

- Cela oblast Hundsheimskych vrchov a v ramci nej aj Kralovska vyhliadka (Koenigswarte)je od roku 2004 zaradena do zoznamu chranenych oblasti Natura 2000. Z toho vyplyva okrem ineho aj zakaz vstupu cyklistom.

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Ruins of the Pottenburg Castle and the Royal View

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