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The Maly Dunaj River Trips: From Jelka to Jelka

Rafting on the Maly Dunaj

The Maly Dunaj River meanders around Jelka village. The current is easy, so trip takes less than 2 hours.

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The Maly Dunaj River - Jelka area

It is possible to hire canoes for 2 or 3 people.

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Maly Dunaj - Jelka

The canoe hire is at Ister Restaurant in Jelka. After meandering a little the trip ends near old wooden water mill.

Jelka water mill - the Maly Dunaj River

At the end of trip you can visit the mill but it is not sure the museum guide will speak English.

You can swim in the river just below the mill.

Canoe hire guys from Ister Restaurant can transfer you back to your car in Jelka.

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Published: 2015-01-15
Updated: 2015-01-15