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Slovakia and surrounding - Stredne Povazie Region, Trencin and Biele Karpaty - Slavnica Airport

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Tandems jump from altitude 4,000 meters are the fastest way to experience free fall. Participant needs only 15 minutes of training. He does not need any sport license. During a jump, both participant and tandem master are fixed with safety harness. It is a business of a tandemmaster to exit an airplane, manage free fall, open a canopy and make safe landing. Special canopy for two persons is used. The free fall lasts approximately 50 seconds. Speed of free fall is about 180 km/h. Instructor opens the canopy 1500 meters above ground. Complete jump is recorded by camera flyer. Every tandem passenger gets tape and pictures of jump. A participant needs just sport shoes. Organizers provide other accessories. A site of jumps is the Slavnica Airport which is close to the highway D1, approximately one and half-hour of riding from Bratislava.

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