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DVD Premeny Tatier (Metamorphoses of the Tatra Mountains)

Premeny Tatier - CD Cover

DVD includes:

- English and Slovak version
- film Metamorphoses of the Tatra Mountains
- film Beyond the Frontiers of Darkness about the climb of a blind mountaineer on the Gerlach Peak
- information about the High Tatras
- video Polana with the music of Barflies
- information about the whirlwind in 2004
- information about the fire in 2005
- film Water Forest about the solving of calamity problems in the Tatras
- fly above the Tatras
- trailers of new films of Pavol Barabas

System MPG2/PAL 4:3

More information:

Pavol Barabas and his Wandering Camera

DVD Premeny Tatier (Metamorphoses of the Tatra Mountains)
Autor: Pavol Barabáš
Price: EUR 9.90
Scale: 0
Category: Films - Documentaries and Travelogues
Published by: K2 studio
Edition 0.
Published in 2006.
0 pp.

Dimensions: 0.00 x 0.00 cm
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Published: 2006-10-09
Updated: 2006-10-09

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