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Smiech na lane - Laughter on Rope by Ivan Bajo

Smiech na lane - Laughter on rope
Autogramiáda Ivana Baja

Famous book illustrated and written by Slovak climber Ivan Bajo (*1935).

The book was published 4 times in Slovakia and is also popular in Czechia. The book is in Slovak language.

Ivan Bajo in 1962. Jahnaci Stit Peak, the High Tatras.
Photo by Ing. Zdenek Kysilka

Some of stories in the book (in Slovak only)

Horolezecky Stedry vecer

O ceproch a horolezcoch

Lavinove metamorfozy

Usmevne criepky z inak vaznych clankov

Price: EUR 9.90

Order: Smiech na lane. Price: EUR9,90.

The book was published in 1977 (blue edition) and in 1992 (white edition). Book launch party for the 3rd (yellow) edition of Smiech na lane: April 15, 2007 during Hory a Mesto Festival. The fourth, green edition, was published in 2012.

Book launch party - the 4rd (green) edition of Smiech na lane: December 16, 2012

Dotlač Smiechu na lane 2015

The book was reprinted again in November 2015.

Stickers by Ivan Bajo


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Some of bookstores where you can buy the book
Smiech na lane - cover page of the 4th edition

Predajna so sportovymi potrebami Yak-Rysy na Kosickej 37 M (blizko Dulovho namestia).
Lezecka hala Vertigo, Trencianska 47.

Knihkupectvo Christiania.

Knihkupectvo Alter Ego.

Tatranska Lomnica
Knihkupectvo pani Slobodnikovej.

Liptovsky Mikulas
Predajna ITOCA.

Knihkupectvo KIWI na Jungmannovej 23.

Published: November 17, 2012
Updated: March 23, 2016
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