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Vianocne ludove koledy, vinse a hry (Kniha slovenskeho folkloristu)

Vianocne ludove koledy, vinse a hry (Folk Christmas Carols, Blessings and Plays) - Cover Page

Ludove koledy a vinse najdete pomocou stranky vinsov a rymovaciek.

The collection Folk Christmas Carols, Blessings and Plays presents authentic material, which was collected by Ondrej Demo – the folk music editor of the Slovak Radio. It is result of thirty years of folklore collection and research carried out during the period 1965 - 1995 throughout Slovakia (as well as part of Romania lived in by Slovaks). See the interview with Ondrej Demo in English language.

With regards to genre differentiation, carols in this collection are classified as profane, spiritual, pastoral, New Years Eve carols and carols connected to Christmas plays. There are 213 carols (with scores and lyrics). Blessing are a constituent part of caroling, walks and family visits during Christmas. Their various forms show the extent of folklore manifestations in feast-day poetry. Collection focuses Christmas plays containing a great deal of carols (songs). Songs greatly enrich these plays, which can be characterized as folk theater. There are photographs from various Slovak regions in the collection. Text is in Slovak, with English Summary.

Preview from book. (In Slovak).


Pod oknami na Stedry vecer
Dacov Lom (Hont) 1990

Score of carol

Cas radosti, veselosti,
svetu nastal nini,
nech Boh vecni, nekonecni
narodiu sa z Panni.
V mestecku Betleme,
v jeslickach na slame,
lezi male pacholiatko na zime,
lezi male pacholiatko na zime.

Stastlive sviatky vinsujeme!

Order: Vianocne ludove koledy, vinse a hry (Folk Christmas Carols, Blessings and Plays). Price: EUR7,60.
Published: January 3, 2007
Updated: December 15, 2014
Vianocne ludove koledy, vinse a hry (Folk Christmas Carols, Blessings and Plays)
Author: Ondrej Demo
Price: EUR 10,90
Category: Folklore
Published by: Matica Slovenská
Edition 1.
Published in 1998.
ISBN: 80-88926-00-9
256 pp.
Dimensions: 16,5 x 24,5 cm
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