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Biennal of Illustrations Bratislava - BIB 2005

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The 20th jubilee Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava (BIB) 2005 - the competitive exhibition of original children’s books illustrations - presents illustrations of 410 illustrators from 48 countries. They sent to Bratislava 2966 illustrations originals. The exhibition is presented in the House of Culture at Namestie SNP Square 12 in Bratislava.

Following is an excerption of the invitation speeach of Mgr. Barbara Brathova, Art Historian, Director of BIB Secretariat:

"Except of the competition part of the exhibition of children’s book illustrations we traditionally present exhibitions of Grand Prix BIB winners of the previous year and of H. Ch. Andersen Award 2004. So we present at BIB 2005 in the House of Culture, in its central honorary exhibition hall an extensive collection of illustrations made by a Japanese illustrator Iku Dekune awarded by Grand Prix BIB 2003 for her illustration work. At the same time we present works made by Max Velthuijs from Holland awarded by H. Ch. Andersen Award 2004 for illustrations. Together with originals made by awarded artists also books are exhibited. Max Velthuijs left us forever at the beginning of this year and so this was also the reason why we have prepared a dignified presentation of his artistic work and we have also contacted an expert dealing with his work life-long and as our intention is to cover his work in the whole and to present it to the audience in more details Ms Joke Linders shall present her lecture in an introductory part of our International Symposium.

Martin Waddell from Ireland is also included in the collection of H. Ch. Andersen Awards as he was awarded prize for literature.

It has already become a tradition to present one of significant Slovak illustrators at BIB. In 1997 it was Albin Brunovsky, one of the founders of BIB, in 1999 it was Vincent Hloznik, in 2001 we presented a collection of originals of illustrations, drawings and graphic works made by Ludovit Fulla. In 2003 illustration work of Stefan Cpin was presented. In 2005 we introduce the work of Lubomir Kellenberg. Collection of Noma Concours illustrations presented by UNESCO regional centre in Tokyo is part of the exhibition in these premises as well.

Except of exhibitions in the House of Culture also accompanying exhibitions are organised by BIB in respective foreign institutes represented in Bratislava and of course directly in BIBIANA, the International House of Art for Children. A representative exhibition called “Illustrations from the Treasure House” shall be open there during the Biennial presenting illustrations of awarded illustrators from abroad either donated to BIB by the artists or purchased by BIB during the years of its existence. In gallery F7 we present selected works of a Slovak visual artist Bozena Augustinova, who also has passed away recently. "

Grand Prix BIB 2005

International Jury of the BIB 2005 awarded following prizes:


Ali Reza Goldouzian – Iran / 1. book Medade Siyah Va Medade Ghermez, Shabaviz, Iran, 2004, 2. book Jourabe Sourakh, Shabaviz, Iran, 2003

Golden Apple BIB Lilian Brogger - Denmark


Lilian Broegger – Denmark / book Hundrede meget firkantede historier, Gyldendal, Copenhagen,2005

Byoung – Ho Han – South Korea / book I want to be a Bird, Characterplan, Seoul, 2004

Golden Apple BIB Luboslav Palo - the Slovak Republik

Luboslav Palo – Slovak Republik / 1. book Nicht erwischt!, Bohem Press, Zürich, 2005, 2. book 1+1=2, Bohem Press, Zürich, 2003

Pawel Pawlak – Poland / book Jajuńciek, Muchomor, Warsaw, 2005

Sara – France / 1. book Revolution, Seuil, Paris, 2003, 2. book A quai, Seuil, Paris, 2005


Pablo Amargo – Spain / book La princesa y el guisante, SM, Madrid, 2005

Plaque BIB Carll Cneut - Belgium

Carll Cneut – Belgium / book Dulle Griet, De Eenhoorn, Belgium, 2005

Alain Gauthier – France / 1. book Ma Peau D´Âne, Seuil Jeunesse, Paris, 2002, 2. book Est Elle Estelle, Motus, France

Pierre Pratt – Canada / book Le Sour ou Zoe Zozota, Edition les 400 Coups, Montreal, 2005

Plaque BIB Komako Sakai - Japan

Komako Sakai – Japan / book Kinyobi no Satou-chan, Kaisei-sha, Japan, 2003

HONORABLE MENTION to the Publisher

Katha, New Delhi, 2004, India – books One lonely Unicorn, The magical Web Bride

Murti Bunanta Foundation, Jakarta, 2005, Indonesia – books Si Kadal Nakal, Andai Aku Punya Rumah Sakit

Marya Jagoudzik, Minsk, 2005, Belarus – book Wybranae

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Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava

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