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Summer bobsleigh track in Bratislava

Bobsleigh track in Bratislava

Summer bobsleigh track on the Koliba hill has existed since 1996.

Bobsleigh track in Bratislava III

It has a length of 360 meters and there is a 7 meters long tunnel and one jump.

Bobsleigh track in Bratislava IV

The track is a favorite place for people from Bratislava and for Bratislava visitors.

Opening hours:

Sat. and Sun 10:00 to 18:00.
During holidays and in July and August open daily 10:00 - 18:00.
Groups: minimum 25 rides and 5 participants, order one day in advance.
Track does not work during rainy weather.

Rates in 2016:

1 ride: 3 EUR
3 rides: 8 EUR
5 rides: 12 EUR
10 rides: 20 EUR


Phone: ++421 918 683 202


Trolleybus No. 203 to the end stop, then walk 1.5 km up to hill to Koliba. Cars can ride up to Koliba and Kamzik Tower.

Bobsleigh track in Bratislava II

It offers fun for both - children and adults.

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Published: 2005-05-05
Updated: 2005-05-05

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