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Central European Barock Painting and Sculpture (The Permanent Exhibition in the Mirbach Palace)

Franz Xaver Messerschmidt: The Capuchin, 1780-83 - the City Gallery of Bratislava

The exhibition places great emphasis on the works of masters who contributed to the development of Baroque art in Slovakia as well as on the works of artists closely related to Bratislava, such as Jozef Kurtz, Paul Troger, Franz Anton Palko and Xaver Messerschmidt. Naturally, 18th century art in Bratislava came under the influence of Vienna, its closeness enabled to mediate artistic inspirations from French and especially from Italian Baroque art. The major subject matter included religious scenes and official portraits.

The exhibition of almost one hundred works of art documents a specific stage in the development of the history of art in Central Europe as it has been preserved in the works from the collection of Bratislava City Gallery.

The collection of prints, which form an original tapestry decoration of the walls in the first two exhibition halls on the first floor, belongs to important 18th century works. This is a unique collection of 290 copper engravings that has been preserved in Slovakia in this form. Apart from French works, there are also German, Dutch and Italian prints. The most significant cycle, created after the paintings of P. P. Rubens, depicts the life and rule of the French Queen Maria Medici.

Place: The Mirbach Palace, Frantiskanske Namestie Square 11
Opening hours: Tu-Su 11:00 - 18:00

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