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The Danube River Cruises, Bratislava - Vienna by a Boat

Regular cruises Bratislava - Vienna, sightseeing cruises

There are two types of fast passenger ships sailing regularly between Vienna and Bratislava on the Danube River - hydrofoils and catamarans.


The SPaP-LOD company operates 3 hydrofoil express boats, each with capacity of 112 seats, closed deck, a snack bar. The ship is 34.5m long and 9.5 meters wide and it is equipped with two motors and its maximal speed is 65 km/hour.

Timetables and more information.

Twin City Liner

A speed boat line Twin City Liner, connects Bratislava and Vienna under 75 minutes. Boarding at Vienna Schwedenplatz: Donauraum Schiffsanlege dock, access via ramp at Marienbrücke Bridge (subway line U1, U4).

Boarding in Bratislava: Twin City Liner Jetty, Razusovo nabrezie, Jetty (ponton) HUMA 6, near Devin Hotel.

Timetables and more information.

Regular cruises Bratislava - Budapest are cancelled.

Photo Story: Bratislava - Vienna by The Twin City Liner

Twin City Liner - Bratislava - Vienna - Bratislava

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Published: February 2, 2004
Updated: April 16, 2016
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