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Trip to the Korlat Castle

Korlat Castle I

A medieval castle ruin was built in the mid-13th century. As a royal castle it protected the western frontier of the Kingdom of Hungary.

Ruins of Korlat Castle IV.

There are only ruins nowadays. Trees, so lovely in cities, have devastated walls and towers.

Ruins of Korlat Castle II.

The last walls in the courtyard.

Ruins of Korlat Castle III.

There are remains of the tower on the top of the castle area.

Ruins of Korlat Castle V.

There is one technical attraction nearby. The first Slovakia wind-power station. The four big wind roses are visible from the castle.


In the northwest part of the Small Carpathian Mountains (Male Karpaty).

How to get to the castle

By car from Bratislava by highway D2 till Lozorno. From Lozorno ride in northern direction till village Cerova. Then turn right to another village Rozbehy. (About 61 kilometers.) Keep the way through Rozbehy and stop near the tourist cottage, about ten minutes from the castle. The yellow tourist sign shows where to go. Less then 10 minutes of walk are needed to achieve the castle.


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Published: 2005-05-11
Updated: 2005-05-11

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