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K2 - a new climbing hall in Bratislava

Climbing hall K2 in Bratislave

A new climbing hall was open in Bratislava. In comparison with older Vertigo hall, the K2 has higher walls - up to 15 meters, but less climbing routes. There is a better heating system in Vertigo than in K2. But the K2 is only starting up and has got bigger dimension.

K2 web site :

Info by: Vlado Bibel

More information:

Cartoons in Climbing Hall K2 in Bratislava - III.

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Koberec pribudol (Vlado, 18.2.2013)

Tak v Kadvojke pribudol pod niektorymi stenami aj koberec, uz je to lepsie.

Este k tej ilustracnej snimke - trocha klame pod vplyvom "zaoblujuceho" efektu sirokouhleho objektivu. Steny, napr. tie popredne zlte pasma vlavo i napravo nie su take previsnute, ako to zobrazuje snimka.

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