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Pictorial Books

Vysoke Tatry
Author: Jaroslav Procházka
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>>Buy: 12,50 EUR

Vysoké Tatry na starých pohľadniciach - sold out
Author: Ivan Bohuš ml.
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>>Buy: 11,58 EUR

Wonders of Slovakia - sold out
Author: Karol Kállay, Ernst Hochberger
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>>Buy: 18,59 EUR

Zahorie - Potulky krajinou - Streifzüge durch das Land - A Wander Through the Countryside
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>>Buy: 11,00 EUR

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Latest books, maps, multimedia

Spevník - Najkrajšie ľudové piesne - The most beautiful folklore songs

CD Lonely Melody - Bratislava Hot Serenaders

Krizom-krazom. Slovencina B2 s CD

DVD Lucnica - Youth and Beauty

2CD Terchovska muzika

Slovak encyclopaedia is called BELIANA

CD Heligonkari 16 - Peter Uhrin

Ivan Bajo: Zelené vydanie Smiechu na lane

Slovencina neu - Slovak language textbook for German language speakers

Slovakia - Interesting Places - Unique Objects - Rarities

The Great Country Houses of The Czech Republic and Slovakia

Slovakia in History


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