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Krížom-krážom. Slovenčina A1 - cover page

Slovak language textbooks, Slovak as a second language

Krizom-krazom Metodicka prirucka Slovencina A1 Ucebnica A1
Teacher`s textbook and workbook for Krizom-krazom. 2019.

Krizom-krazom. Slovencina A1
The textbook for beginners. In Slovak language with English Contents and Glossary. New updated edition in 2018.

Krizom-krazom. Slovencina A2 with CDs
The textbook for A2 level. In Slovak language with English Contents and Glossary.

Cvicebnica Krizom-krazom, Slovencina A1 a A2
A workbook for A1 and A2 textbooks.

Krizom-krazom. Slovencina B1 with CDs
The textbook for B1 level.

Krizom-krazom. Slovencina B2 with CDs
The textbook of Slovak as a foreign language for upper-intermediate students, B2 level.

Praktikum zo slovenskej gramatiky a ortografie pre cudzincov B1 - B2.

Slovencina neu
Slovak language textbook for German language speakers.

Slovencina interkulturne - Slovak language textbook for Germans B1 level.

Tri, dva, jeden - slovenčina - úroveň A1, A2.1 - obálka

Sold out in 2020: Tri, dva, jeden - slovencina - uroven A1
Tri, dva, jeden - slovencina - uroven A2.

Textbooks and workbooks with CDs published by Centrum dalsieho vzdelavania at University Comenius. Replacemnet for Hovorme po slovensky series textbooks uroven (level) A.

New edition for B level:

Hovorme spolu po slovensky! B1 - edition 2016.

Hovorme spolu po slovensky! B2 - edition 2017.

Hovorme spolu po slovensky 'A' - - Cover Page

Slovencina ako cudzi jazyk - Hovorme spolu po slovensky
Slovak as a Foreign Language - Let's Speak Together Slovak - 2 volumes of textbooks, workbooks and audio CDs for the A1, A2, B1, B2 levels (beginners and intermediates). The textbook is composed in a communicative way without an intermediary language. These textbooks are replaced by Tri, Dva, Jedna series of textbooks.

Pravidla slovenskej vyslovnosti
The 2nd edition, 2009. Slovak ortoepic dictionary - ie. dictionary of Slovak pronunciation.

Slovak for you
The textbook is designed as a university textbook for intensive or regular language courses, as well as for any other Slovak language classes for beginners and intermediate studies. In English language.

Colloquial Slovak
Textboook and CDs for English speaking beginners.

Textbooks and handbooks in Slovak language for Slovak basic and high schools (page in Slovak)

More Slovak language textbooks and books about the Slovak language - online shop

Slovak dictionaries - online shop


Colloquial Slovak - Cover

Which textbook of Slovak language do you need?

Online courses for self-lerners:

By Studia Academica Slovaca: >>. There are 2 tutored courses which are free of charge: A1 and A2 in 2018. >> (In 15 languages in 2018.)

For self-learners - textbook with intermediary language:

Colloquial Slovak - complete course for beginners with CDs.

For Slovak language classes and self-learners:

Textbooks Krizom krazom. Slovencina A1 - B2 with CD - include Slovak-English Contents, English instructions to exercises, usefull pictograms, English- Slovak glossary.

For intensive Slovak language courses - textbooks and workbooks without intermediary language:

Slovencina ako cudzi jazyk - Hovorme spolu po slovensky A1, A2, B1, B2

Basic grammar and spelling guidebook

Pravidla slovenskeho pravopisu

More information:

Cudzincom sa paci melodia slovenciny, ale trapia ich slova krk, prst, zmrzlina...

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