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Aquapark Tatralandia - Liptovsky Mikulas

Aquapark Tatralandia

Aquapark Tatralandia is one of the biggest all-year-round water center of fun and relaxation in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

It is situated within beautiful mountainous scenery at the northern shore of the artificial lake Liptovska Mara with an outlook onto the West and Low Tatras mountain range. It is only 2 km away from the town of Liptovsky Mikulas and is available easily by all main traffic lines.

Aquapark Tatralandia

The all-year-round operation of the Aquapark is possible thanks to a source of thermal water streaming from the depth of more than 2,500 meters with the temperature 60.7˚C. The healing thermal water in the swimming pools takes a special place among the waters of the Liptov region. It contains part of sea waters that used to be on the territory of the Liptov basin 40 millions years ago.

The mineral water of Tatralandia has beneficial effects on respiratory system and movement apparatus.

Aquapark Tatralandia

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Published: 2005-03-23
Updated: 2005-03-23

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