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When Saints Rejuvenate (Invitation to the Exhibition in the Museum of Balneology)

Sculpture of Madonna - Collection of the Museum of Balneology in Piestany

Collection of Sacred Art is a part of the permanent exhibition in the Museum of Balneology on Stefanikova Street 1 in Piestany.

The statues were donated by several churches in Piestany and surroundings during the first Czechoslovak Republic and after the Second World War.

Sculptures of saints and other sacred objects were restored mostly by students of Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava under the expert guidance of university professors at the end of the 20th century.

Sculptures came from churches and chapels in Piestany and surroundings. They were created in local carving workshops beginning the first third of the 18th century until the first half of the 19th century.

Sculpture of Cardinal - Collection of Museum of Balneology in Piestany
Sculpture of Cardinal - Collection of Museum of Balneology in Piestany

Statues and plastics are not works of world renowned artists, but thanks to the work of restorers show skills and artistic feeling of local master carvers in the past.

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