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Outdoor pool in Thermal Park Besenova

Besenova (Gino Paradise or Thermal bath Besenova originally) is situated 12 kilometers east of Ruzomberok on the right side of the Vah River.

Thermal springs there have a temperature up to 61°C. Water in the pools about 36-40°C. It springs from 1987 meters under the surface and has salutary effects on motion and breathing bodies, uric problems and has a good cosmetic effects. Lithium in the water makes a positive psychological influence.

Indoor pool in Thermal Park Besenova

There are outdoor and indoor pools with temperature from 27 till 39 degrees Celsius. Very populare is a bath in an open pool in winter, when the temperature is below zero point. The center provides toboggans, "vital worlds", relaxation massages, beach volley-ball, accommodation, etc.

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Published: 2005-03-23
Updated: 2005-03-23

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