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Ruins of the Biely Kamen Castle and Historic Town Sväty Jur

Biely Kamen Castle Ruins (Svaty Jur) III.

Besides Pottenburg Castle ruins, there are other castle ruins which are close to Bratislava and less known for Bratislavans - ruins of the Biely Kamen Castle (The White Stone) above the town Sväty Jur.

Biely Kamen Castle Ruins (Svaty Jur) II.

The castle was built in the 13th century as a guarding fort. There was an important way from Bratislava to Trnava and a forest way from Svaty Jur to Stupava, which is on the other side of the Small Carpathian Mt. The castle was destroyed by Turkish troops in 1663 and it was never restored. There are remains of a Great Moravian settlement on the opposite hill.

The old historic town Sväty Jur is known for wine growing and is situated at the bottom of the Small Carpathian Mountains. The oldest reference to this place was recorded in the year 1209. In 1647 the town was granted the rights of an independent royal town. Following historical monuments has been preserved from this time: remains of the former fortification with bastions, a mansion house built in 1609 in the added Renaissance style, an exposition of civic houses and manor houses related to wine–making.

The historical center of the town was made a monument reservation area of the town. A baroque church and monastery built in 1651 – 1654 and St. George's Church built in the early Gothic style at the end of the 13th century and having magnificent interior are considered the important sacral historic monument of this town. There is a wooden belfry built in 1633 holding a Gothic bell from 2400. Wine cellars and taverns offering local wine and food specialities. (From the book 444 Sights of Slovakia).

Svaty Jur is a part of the Small Carpathian Wine Road (Malokarpatska Vinna Cesta).

Biely Kamen Castle Ruins I.

How to get there

By car from Bratislava via road number 502 it is about 15 km to the town Sväty Jur. The starting point for your trip is Prostredna ulica St., go up the street till the Nestich neighborhood. At the gothic church turn left, yellow sign shows you a way. It is not far to the ruins.

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it is a very nice hike (September 21, 2012)

the atmosphere is full of quiet, and the forest is stunning in summer, and beginning of autumn!!

Doesnt matter the ruins are still very impressive, huge and all covered in vegetation. A bit risky, but still easy to climb up, mainly due to unstable rocks and gravel. But its definitely worth a visit! Go there, you will enjoy the nature and also small pubs cooking greasy typical food for a few pennies :D

Hrad biely kamen NEVER AGAIN!!! (1.9.2011)

Dnes sme absolvovali biketour: Lozorno - Kosariska - Svaty Jur + biely kamen.

Zrucanina v pravom slova zmysle, nakolko zo zeme trci jeden murik a setko ostatne vyplna burina, vyhlad minimalny a pristupova cesta plna spiny a nevhodna pre bicykle. V porovnani s Dracim hradkom (ako bolo pisane) je tento chaby pozostatok hradu NIC. Srdecne Vas pozyvame na Plavecky hrad


Ako sa dostat na hrad (3.4.2010)

Zdravicko, dnes, 3.4.2010, sme boli vo Svatom Jure, na zrucanine Biely kamen. Velmi spravne je v clanku napisane ze je to blizko BA, a ze vela ludi o tom nevie. V celom Jure sme cestou k zrucanine nenasli zmienku o nej, ziadna mapa a ani sipky. Nebyt ochotnych obcanov, kazdy povedal inac, sme sa tam nakoniec nedostali. Cize treba ist celou prostrednou ulicou a este kusok rovno nad drevenou zvonicou, pri velkom kostole nad namestim, az pridete k drevenemu krizu a je tam tabula ZAMOCKA a tadial treba ist, vyzera to zo zaciatku ako by ste sli niekomu do dvora, ale nie, cesticka pokracujete rovno do lesa az si vsimnete bielozlte znacky na stromoch. Fajn prechadzka, len aby ste sa bezpecne vystverali na zrucaninu treba lepsie topanky ako bezne botasky, ktore sme mali my. Tak stastnu cestu.


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Updated: 2021-11-13

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