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The Fourth Crag and Demons at Blazon, Male Karpaty

Difficult 4th crag at Blazon, Male Karpaty. The first part for 6, the second for 6+? The top arrow shows a difficult bolt. The bottom arrow shows demons who guard Venusa rocks.

Difficulties by new climbing guide written by Vlado Linek: 7+ / 7+.

Tretia spara, Blazon, Male Karpaty
Tretia spara, Blazon, Male Karpaty
Marek Munka v previse nad kľúčovým borhákom
Marek Munka v previse nad kľúčovým borhákom.

The demons were found later, at home...

Vlado Bibel

More information:

Male Karpaty: Venusa, ci Cert? (Blazon Climbing Rocks)

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