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Trencin Castle

Trencin Castle

The dominant of Trencin and whole Middle-Vah-Valley (Povazie) kept guard over the old mercantile routes connecting the Mediterranean area with the Baltic and North Europe in ancient times.

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On the locality of today's castle was built a bulwark in the times of Great Moravia, serving as a community center. Contemporary castle arose in the 11th century as a borderland stronghold watching important Vah River and Carpathian passes, through which there led mercantile routes, merging the territory of Northern Hungary and Middle-Slovak mining towns with Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Poland. In next centuries the castle became a domicile of borderland commitat, royal and later aristocratic county.

Information about events at the Castle and pricing: Trencianske muzeum page.

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Published: 2009-05-27
Updated: 2009-05-27

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