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Veterlin and the Mala Skala cave - the Little Carpathiens

A view from Veterlin - the Little Carpathiens

Veterlin is a nice hill in the Little Carpathiens. It is not open for public because it is a part of National Nature Reserve and there are no signed paths. But the view from the top of hill is very attractive.

Inside the Malá Skala Cave - the Little Carpathiens

The Mala Skala cave is one of many caves in the Little Carpathiens, which are not open for public. But this cave is not closed and courageus pioneers can get in. Its length is 140 meters. Climbing experiencies are useful. There is slippery inside. Dangerous!

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Priblizne kde sa ta jaskyna nachadza?

Nazdarek, chcel som sa popytat asi priblizne kde sa ta jaskyna nachadza, ktorym smerom ste sa vydali spet z veterlina? my sme tam boli uz davnejsie, no my sme to luskli z jahodnika rovno cez les na celo a veterlin, boli sme aj v hacovej jaskyni no nemali sme lano na zlanenie - je tam tiez plno chodieb.


Re: Priblizne kde sa ta jaskyna nachadza?

Ked pojdes dolu z Veterlina smerom na Plavecky Mikulas, ides po takom hrebeni, alebo rovnobezne s nim cez luky medvedieho cesnaku. A ked si uz takmer na konci lesa, nejakych 100 metrov nad vysekom, treba zabocit dolava, traverzovat cez les po miernom svahu vychodnym smerom. Po niekoko sto metroch, alebo po 1 km? narazis na skalny hrebienok, alebo prah, ktory smeruje od doliny smerom hore na hreben. Ked pojdes pozdlz tejto skalnej steny tak narazis na znacku jaskyne a si tam.

Hacova jaskyna nie je zaplombovana?


Published: 2015-01-15
Updated: 2015-01-15

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