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Vrbove - Slovak Town with Leaning Tower

Vrbove - Leaning Tover

The town of Vrbove is located west of the spa city Piestany in the western part of Slovakia. Vrbove is a quiet little town with shops and a park where people go to relax. The town has its recreation center on the shore of the Cervenec water reservoir.

Leaning tower in Vrbove

One of the main attractions in Vrbove is inclined clock tower, which leans 99 centimeters to southwest.

The most valuable historical monuments of Vrbove are a Gothic church from 1887 and a Baroque curia from the late 17-th century with commemorative tablet to Moric Benovsky.

Benovsky (1741/1746 - 1786) left a legacy as a visionary, a brave explorer, an entrepreneur and the Slovak king of Madagaskar. He was a nobleman of the Kingdom of Hungary, which encompassed present day Slovakia. Born in Vrbove, he was proud of his Slovak, Hungarian and Polish background.

Vrbove - Synagogue

The local synagogue built in the historicizing oriental style is from 1883.

Vrbove - Besenovsky Coat of Arms

There is a Museum of Benovsky in the Baroque curia and a pleasant, and not expensive restaurant.

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