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Trip to Vysoka in Male Karpaty Mountains

Trip to Vysoka
Male Karpaty
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Vysoka (754 meters) is the second highest mountain in the Small Carpathians Mountains - Male Karpaty. Pictures were taken at the end of Summer.

Trip to Vysoka
Trip to Vysoka

Meadows on the way to the top. For us this was the most beautiful part of our trip. But the view from the top is also beautiful.

A cross at the top and a view from the top. The view is much better than from the highest Male Karpaty peak Zaruby.
Trip to Vysoka
Trip to Vysoka
Trip to Vysoka

Walking just below the top.

The flora growing on the slopes is protected in the framework of the Nature Reserve Vysoka.

How to get to Vysoka:
Trip to Vysoka
Trip to Vysoka

Take D1 Highway from Bratislava till Lozorno, then turn right to Lozorno and follow with the Male Karpaty at your right hand till the first right turn after Kuchyna village. Ride straight on till Vyvrat. Then you have to walk about 1.5 hour till the top. Blue sign.


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Nooo, hodina a pol (9.4.2015)

Tto uz treba ist poriadne pomalyyyyy, aby to trvalo az hodinu a pol... vegetne tempo je hodina pat... (Autor: neznamy)

Hodina a pol je orientacny udaj (21.7.2017)

Prevysenie 450m, vzdialenost ca 3.6 km, miestami sypky podklad, korene stromov. Strednym tempom je to zhruba 75 min. Zostup vyzaduje zvysenu opatrnost. (Autor: neznamy)

Published: April 7, 2005
Updated: July 21, 2017
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