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Bratislava a okolie - turistický sprievodca

Bratislava a okolie

Farebný turistický sprievodca po Bratislave a jej okolí z pera Jána Laciku. Popisuje prírodné zaujímavosti a historické pamiatky, ktoré sa oplatí vidieť. Mapky vám pomôžu zorientovať sa. Sprievodca vyšiel v troch jazykových verziách - v slovenskej, v nemeckej a v anglickej - v roku 2004.

Introduction of Bratislava and Surroundings tourist guide

Speaking about Bratislava as a beauty on the Danube is surely not exaggerated. The capital of Slovakia has many things to offer to visitors. It has an incredible location at a large river on the border of wooded hills and broad plains, and wealth of cultural and historical monuments. As a town and city, Bratislava has history of 2,000 years dating back to Celtic times. The monumental Bratislava Castle, which recently rose from the ashes, is a real gem set in the city. Also a dominating landmark, the Saint Martin's Cathedral saw coronations of 18 Hungarian kings and queens. The nearby Classical Primacialny Palace presents a unique collection of Bratislava tapestries depicting a tragic story of ancient Greek lovers Leander and Hero. Mirbach's Palace, justly considered the masterpiece of the Bratislava Rococo, houses several historical works of graphic arts. An inimitable atmosphere is offered by the romantic ruins of Devin Castle at the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers. Another great advantage of Bratislava is a rich offer of cultural and artistic undertakings, from opera or ballet performances in the illustrious Opera House of the Slovak National Theater, or concerts during Bratislava Music Festival BHS. The Bratislava Jazz Days have also won fame recently as one of the most significant European festival of jazz music. In fine arts, the top event is Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava, where the most distinguished illustrators of children's books from all around world present their latest works.



History and culture

Bratislava Castle and Castle Hill

Historical centre

The downtown

Suburbs of Bratislava (Devinska Bratislava, Devin Castle, Zahorska Bratislava, Viticultural Bratislava, Bratislava of plains, Zadunajska Bratislava)

Country surrounding Bratislava (Zahorie circle, Nitra circle, Island circle, Viennese circle, South-Moravia circle)

Active holidays

Practical information


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