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Senec - Slnecne Jazera Lakes and aquapark

Slnecne jazera (Sunny Lakes) in Senec

On the route D1 (E571) from Bratislava to Zilina you cannot miss the turn-off to the town of Senec. It is about 25 km from Bratislava. There are lakes known as Slnecne jazera - the Sunny Lakes, and Aquapark.

Senecke Jazera Lakes

The area of the Sunny Lakes is divided into two basic parts: the North and the South. The water surface consists of five former gravel pits, which gradually formed a single unit The autocamping is in the northern part of the area. It is a huge camp, it has capacity for 700 tents.

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Published: 2005-06-21
Updated: 2005-06-21

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