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Pools and Lakes in Bratislava and Surroundings

Aquapark Senec

There are several summer pools and lakes in Bratislava. You can swim in the Danube River, too. There are many lakes in surrounding of Bratislava. The South Slovakia offers several thermal pools, some of them are open all year round.

Pools and Lakes in Bratislava

Lake Zlate piesky
Golden Sands Lake in Bratislava - Zlate Piesky area
Author / source: Starz

Lake Zlate piesky (Golden Sands) in Bratislava. The complex with large camping site and sporting playgrounds is located to the northeast of the city, beside the main highways to Nitra and Zilina.

Jazera Nove Kosariska Lakes
Jazero Nové Košariská 1 Lake near Bratislava
Jazero Nové Košariská 1 Lake near Bratislava.

Two lakes close to Bratislava near Rovinka and Dunajska Luzna. Jazero Nove Kosariska Lake 1 is one of the biggest in Bratislava area.

Velky Zemnik
Velky Zemnik

The lake is fed by Danube River groundwater.

The Kuchajda Lake

The lake is in the neighborhood of the Shopping Center Polus at Vajnorska cesta Street. There are showers, toilets, dressing rooms, sporting facilities, restaurants. Water in Kuchajda is not very suitable for swimming.

Lakes in Vajnory

Two lakes are very good visible from the motorway D1 to Trnava. There is only wild swimming.

Lakes Drazdiak, Rusovce, Cunovo
Cunovske Jazero Lake
Cunovske Jazero Lake. Author / source: Braňo Bibel.

The lake Drazdiak in Petrzalka with many facilities (showers, WC, restaurant, sporting facilities).

There are some other lakes nearby, but only with wild swimming (Rusovce, Cunovo). There are naturist areas in Rusovce and Cunovo.

Vojcianske Jazero Lake
Vojcianske Jazero Lake

One of the most beautiful but difficult to approach.

Zahorie Region and Western Part of Male Karpaty Mountains

Podunajska Nizina Lowlands and the Zitny Ostrov Island (around Senec – Sladkovicovo – Galanta – Sala Route)

Route Gabcikovo – Dunajska Streda – Velky Meder - Komarno

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Published: June 9, 2005
Updated: June 25, 2016
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