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Krizom-krazom. Slovencina A2

Krizom-krazom. Slovencina A2 with CD - Cover Page

The new, second edition of Krizom-krazom A2 published on August 2012. Krizom-krazom Slovencina A2 is the second volume of the series of the Slovak language textbooks, Krizom-krazom, designed for learners who are interested in leaming Slovak in an interesting and attractive way.

The first in the series was the book for beginners, Krizom-krazom - Slovencina A1, published in Bratislava in 2007. Krizom-krazom: Slovencina A2, aimed specifically at pre-intermediate students, with the recordings of the dialogues and exercises available online, and provides learners with the most frequent day-to-day situations whose phrases and vocabulary are explained in units. As learners go through the book, all the basic skills of acquiring a foreign language are practised (reading, listening, writing and speaking) in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) assigned for the Level A2 - Basic User (Waystage).

Krizom-krazom. Slovencina A2 - Contents

The textbook was developed by teachers and researchers of the Studia Academica Slovaca Centre (the Centre for Slovak as a Foreign Language) which is a research and educational centre of the Faculty of Arts at Comenius University in Bratislava. It is published as part ot the project called Learning Programme of Slovak as a Foreign Language supported by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic and is later intended to cover study materials for all language levels.

Krizom-krazom: Slovencina A2 includes 10 topic-based units introducing day-to-day situations in the lives of the four main characters of the course. All the units (except for Units 1 and 10 which are review and revision units) have an identical structure that is easy-to-follow. There are five dialogues recorded which are available online, new words explained by both definitions and illustrations and followed by reading comprehension exercises on dialogues, a vocabulary section with pictures showing new vocabulary words of the unit and a grammar spot which explains the grammar phenomena that occur in the units with exercises to practise them which reflect the Level A2 including conjugation of verbs in present tense, future tense, the conditional and imperative, the aspect of verbs, participles and genitive and dative cases in their singular and plural forms.

At the end of each unit there are revision exercises covering reading, listening, writing and speaking skills which test ho much the learners got out of the new vocabulary and grammar.

Various brainteasers, didactic games and additional texts with more exercises were added to the units to make exercises even more interesting and creative and increasingly challenge the students.

At the back of the textbook there is a key to exercises, a Slovak-English glossary in alphabetical order according to the units and a grammar reference section with examples and explanations of basic rules. Audio recordings of the dialogues are available online.

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A workbook is available.

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