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Krizom-krazom. Slovencina B2 s CD

Krizom-krazom. Slovencina B2 - cover page

Krizom-krazom. Slovencina B2 is a new textbook of Slovak as a foreign language for upper-intermediate students. It is designed for learners who would like to improve their Slovak in an interesting and attractive way and who would like to learn more about Slovakia.

It contains 10 units where you will learn how to communicate in everyday situations as well as on some special occasions.

All units (except for Unit 10 which was designed as a brochure about Slovakia with various information about its different regions) have an identical, easy to follow structure. In each unit there are dialogues recorded on the CDs, reflecting current social issues in everyday or professional life. They are followed by texts covering the same topics, and they provide an opportunity to practice all four skills and to express your opinion on the topics. New words and grammar in the units will help you use Slovak more accurately and precisely.

Grammar presented in the units reflects their topics and concentrates on the most challenging areas of Slovak morphology, i.e. mostly the aspect forms of verbs and their prefixes. It also builds on the previous knowledge of grammar phenomena as well as offering many opportunities to practice language skills.

A very useful part of the textbook is the grammar reference section with tables explaining grammar rules and the list of all verbs used in the book in their perfective and imperfective aspect forms.

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