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Devin Castle

Ruins of the ancient Devin Castle over the confluence of rivers Danube and Morava. Beatiful view of Devinska Brana (Porta Hungarica).

The area of castle was used also in Prehistory, later by Celtic tribes and became a part of Limes Romanus. The fortress Dovina, used as a watchtower by the Slavonic count Rastislav, was mentioned in the manuscripts as early as the 9th century AD. After the fall of the Great Moravia of the ancient Slavs, the Devin fortress became an important strategic fortification of the Hungarian Kingdom. As early as in the 13th century, a smaller building with a tower (foundation of a later castle) was situated at the top of rocky hill. Advancing Napoleon troops in 1809 blew up the fortress.

Exhibition Devin in Prehistory: >>

Since 1965 an archaeological research has been carried out in the castle area. The castle ruins have been partially reconstructed under auspices of the Municipal Museum in Bratislava.

How to get there
Devin - Dubravka hiking route map

Municipal busses in Bratislava: Bus No. 29, from the city - Novy Most bus station - 30 minutes, Bus no. 28 from Devinska Nova Ves (an outer part of the Bratislava) - 15 minutes. See time tables. (Put a bus line number in a find form there.)

Opening hours, entrance tickets, Museum of Bratislava City (in Slovak only).


For instance from the Dubravka part of the Bratislava to Devin - approximately 2 hours. Look at the map from the Around Bratislava (Knapsacked Travel series guidebook published by the Dajama).

You can walk a little longer and visit the Sandberg area close to the Devinska Nova Ves. Total 4.5 hours. The sand field of Sandberg is known as a paleontological locality. Both hiking routes offer a great view on the confluence of the Danube and the Morava rivers and on the Devin Castle.

Walking route to the Devin Castle from Sandberg (Devinska Nova Ves)

Along Danube river - 8 km from the Karlova Ves, or along Morava, from Devinska Nova Ves (4.5 km). There is a special cycling route, which is a part of the informational pathway at the Morava River Floodplain.

Motoring tourists
The Devin Castle

Motoring tourists can find a parking place just below the castle. There are two driving ways to the Devin area - shorter, directly from the Bratislava City, along the Danube River. Another route goes to the Devinska Nova Ves.

By a boat
A view of the Devinsky Hrad Castle from the Danube River

During summer season there is a panorama sightseeing cruise from the Bratislava City to the Devin Castle. Tourists can take a return trip or an one-way trip and the ship anchors at Devin, close to the castle.

There was a seasonal river link connecting the Austrian town Hainburg and Devin. (In 2012 the link does not work.)

There is a very popular paddle trip from Austrian town Hainburg to Bratislava. Paddlers observe the Devin Castle from the Danube River.

Published: June 6, 2003
Updated: April 23, 2015
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