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Krizom-krazom. Slovencina A1 with CD

Krížom-krážom. Slovenčina A1 - cover page

Original and richly illustrated textbook and a 2 CDs for the A1 level is composed in a communicative way without an intermediary language. The authors took into consideration communicational needs of foreigners upon their first contact with Slovakia. Krizom-krazom represents an attractive way how to deal with common communication situations and to acquire the basic knowledge of Slovak. Through the main characters of the textbook, you will find yourself studying, working, in the city or having fun. This purpose is followed also by a richly illustrated and didactically interpreted contents, which enables practice of individual communicational skills in accordance with the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) for the A1 level (Basic user – Breakthrough). New vocabulary and grammar are explained with a help of pictures, standard phonetic training and dialogues from individual chapters are recorded on a CD.

Krížom-krážom. Slovenčina A1 - Contents

The textbook includes 10 topic-based units introducing day-to-day situations in the lives of the four main characters of the course. All the units (except for Unit 1 and 10) have an identical structure that is easy-to-follow: 5 dialogues recorded on the CDs with new words explained by both definitions and illustrations and followed by reading comprehension exercises on dialogues.

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Workbook is available.

Order: Krizom-krazom. Slovencina A1 and CD. Price: EUR26,00.
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Published: November 10, 2008
Krizom-krazom. Slovencina A1 and CD
Author: Renáta Kamenárová, Eva Španová, Hana Tichá, Helena Ľos Ivoríková, Zuzana Kleschtová, Michaela Mošaťová
Price: EUR 26,00
Category: Slovak Language, Textbooks
Published by: Studia Academica Slovaca UK
Edition 1.
Published in 2007.
ISBN: 978-80-223-2441-0
188 pp.
Dimensions: 22,3 x 27 cm
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