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Bratislava - Picture Tour II.

Saint Martin`s Cathedral

Saint Martin's Cathedral.

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Compositons of statues of the Saint Martin - a work of G. R. Donner from the year 1734

The sculpture composition in the Saint Martin's Cathedral, a work of the famous austrian baroque artist George Raffael Donner from the year 1734.

The sculpture represents the Saint Martin who cuts his cape to give a half of it to a beggar. > More.

Niekdajšia lekáreň Salvator

Former Salvator pharmacy at the Panska street.

Streets of Bratislava
A view of the Old Town Hall, Zelena Ulica st., Bratislava

In the streets of old Bratislava.

Hlavne namestie - Bratislava

Hlavne namestie - the Main Square.

The Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall in the Main Square.

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Bratislava City Museum

Fontain of the Knight Roland at the Hlavne namestie

Fountain of knight Roland in the Main Square - Hlavne namestie. The Main Square is a venue for cultural events - for instance the Bratislavske kulturne leto (Bratislava Summer Festival), and Christmas Market.

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Christmas Markets in Bratislava

Prima`s Palace

The Primate's Palace with historical Zrkadlova sien (The Hall of Mirrors). In the museum visitors admire famous Bratislava tapestries.

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Primate`s Palace and six tapestries

Treasures in Three Palaces - the City Gallery of Bratislava

Michalska Gate

Michalska gate. There is an exposition of the Municipal Museum. You can go upstairs for a panorama of the Old City.

More information:

Bratislava - Picture Tour I.

Devin Castle

Bratislava City Museum

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