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Bratislava - Picture Tour II.

Saint Martin`s Cathedral

Saint Martin's Cathedral.

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Compositons of statues of the Saint Martin - a work of G. R. Donner from the year 1734

The sculpture composition in the Saint Martin's Cathedral, a work of the famous austrian baroque artist George Raffael Donner from the year 1734.

The sculpture represents the Saint Martin who cuts his cape to give a half of it to a beggar. > More.

Niekdajšia lekáreň Salvator

Former Salvator pharmacy at the Panska street.

Streets of Bratislava
A view of the Old Town Hall, Zelena Ulica st., Bratislava

In the streets of old Bratislava.

Hlavne namestie - Bratislava

Hlavne namestie - the Main Square.

The Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall in the Main Square.

Fontain of the Knight Roland at the Hlavne namestie

Fountain of knight Roland in the Main Square - Hlavne namestie. The Main Square is a venue for cultural events - for instance the Bratislavske kulturne leto (Bratislava Summer Festival), and Christmas Market.

Prima`s Palace

The Primate's Palace with historical Zrkadlova sien (The Hall of Mirrors). In the museum visitors admire famous Bratislava tapestries.

Michalska Gate

Michalska gate. There is an exposition of the Municipal Museum. You can go upstairs for a panorama of the Old City.

Published: March 11, 2003
Updated: March 11, 2003
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