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Renesančný turnaj
Renesančný turnaj. Author / source: Tovarišstvo starých bojových umení a remesiel.

Knights on the Devin Castle

Historical fencing and performance, knights tournament on the Devin Castle. Each first Sunday from May till September 2017.

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Festival Devin 2013 - Photostory

Devin Castle

Historical Swordplay

Live performances and festivals of historical fencing are organized at many castles in Slovakia. On of them is the Red Stone Castle (Hrad Cerveny kamen) in Male Karpaty mountains near Bratislava. For more information, visit website of the castle.

Historical Fencing Performance

Archers also came to the Cerveny Kamen Castle in 2010.

Knights tournament at the Trencin Castle on May 26.

Knights tournaments are organized at castles:

Trenciansky Hrad Castle

Bojnicky Zamok Castle

Spissky hrad Castle

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Published: 2015-08-28
Updated: 2015-08-28

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