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Today is: 6/27/2017
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- Headlines from Slovakia

Webcams in Slovakia

Slovak Spectator

Less than one-third of Slovaks believe the media outlets in the country.
What standards should a good CSR report uphold?
Slovaks see the EU advantages of a higher living standard, a developed economy and the possibilities for self-realisation.
More than 30 volunteers from across the globe came to the town as part of the European Volunteer’s Week.
The temperatures in some areas may be as high as 35 degrees Celsius.
He will report directly to the company’s founder and head, Elon Musk.
It expects that dozens of thousands of people may return, but experts have doubts about the plan.
Only in fake news. This is the selection of hoaxes that appeared over the past week.
The Roma didn’t have an easy life during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as they were barely tolerated by the majority of the population.
Volkswagen will end its contract with a factory in Lozorno, in a change unrelated to the recent Bratislava strike.
Under the new rules, the election will be completed in only one round, not in two rounds as before. This means that the candidate who receives the most votes will automatically be elected.
The strike that lasted for six days ends on the morning of June 26.
The team had been in a good position to continue to the next round of the championship held in Poland.
The reconstructed mill is becoming more popular.
The most common activities in Slovakia include fair-mindedness regarding employees, health and safety at work, and environmental protection.
One of the awards went to a Slovak nun and doctor killed in South Sudan in May 2016.
Thanks to volunteering, young people make friends, improve their communication and organisational skills, and become more self-reliant and flexible.
Timelapse video of cameraman Majo Chudý shows beautiful spots of Slovakia.
Cocoa from the Taisha region is of the best quality, without any element of cross-breeding or artificial pollination.
Life of birds at Vtáčí ostrov is possible to watch via webcam.
These events inspire an active lifestyle and help to develop philanthropy.
People should be interested in whether the food or products from developing countries were grown or made in fair conditions, and not in companies that employ children.
Applicants drew more than half of the funds in the first programme round.
Eating cock meat or noodles with human milk used to be a part of a Slovak wedding, but to most couples today, having a candy bar or professional photographer is more important than observing traditions.
Štiavnické Bane was the centre of the technical, cultural and religious education of the Austria-Hungary monarchy beginning in the 15th century.
The strike continues, the representatives of the trade unions say it would be a mistake to give up.
Despite the victory, their advance to the U21 EURO semi-finals is still uncertain.
The Slovak representatives failed to defeat their rivals from France at EuroBasket Women 2017.
Man started to insult victim and called him monkey.
After five years of construction, SkCUBE is ready to fly
The National Criminal Agency has also accused a chief tax inspector of bribery.
Tips for performances and other events in the Slovak regions between June 23 and July 2, including historical fencing bouts at a castle, shows of traditional crafts, music in an open-air museum, gold-digging in a museum, and a lot of dance and music, including open-air events.
Paused strike negotiations at Volkswagen Slovakia are set to resume for third day at 15:30
The final sentence was announced for the social worker assigned to help the five-year-old whose body was found in her apartment.
Activists launched a new anti-extremism campaign ahead of the autumn regional election in Banská Bystrica.
Slovakia is facing a heat wave, with storms expected for the southern and western regions on June 22.
The US ban of laptops and electronic devices from aircraft cabins on flights from some airports, applies to those from Košice airport to Istanbul.
Cynicism bred by a generation of injustice leads us to mistrust even a routine police action.
Youtubers are among the most influential people of the younger generation. Apart from funny videos, they also point to social issues.
The project is expected to help increase the number of visitors to the upper Šariš region.
A giant bakery is to be built in the south of the country.
Slovak President Andrej Kiska opened the country’s Honorary Consulate in Split, Croatia – which is a popular holiday destination for his compatriots.
Two opposition parties joined forces to file a lawsuit against businessman and alleged crony of the government, Marián Kočner, over one specific case that dates back more than a year.
The footballers won the opening match at the European Under-21 Championship 2017, but lost the second match.
The Police corps lack a helicopter during car chases and a simulator for shooting from a moving car.
The top job at RTVS is too important to hand to a deeply compromised candidate.
The mentoring programme enables contacts between students and business leaders, to help them move forward in their future career.
The team will again play in the quarterfinals of the 'EuroBasket Women' after an eight year gap.
Several measures proposed as part of the amendments to the tax laws aim to fight tax evasion.
The culture minister wants the election to be less political.
The recently published forecasts by the central bank and the OECD confirm the positive development of the country’s economy.
Sand, concerts, films, sports, games, virtual reality and more until September 3
Bruno Rodriguez Parilla is the first Cuban foreign affairs minister to make an official visit to the independent Slovakia.
The Labour Ministry meanwhile refused to comment on the case of two dismissed psychologists.
The jobless rate has hit its historical bottom since the fall communism but the change in methodology in 2013 is partly behind this. One of the factors is the huge demand for labour which lowers the requirements needed by jobseekers, analyst says.
If the Modern Volkswagen Unions (MOV) fail to find a consensus with Volkswagen Slovakia’s management, the protest could continue until July 3.
Media watchdogs say Jaroslav Rezník has proved friendly towards politicians in the past and has no scruples about considering pro-Russian propaganda news a fit source of information.
Tips for performances and other events in the capital between June 23 and July 2, including concerts, parties, festivals, classical music, cycling, a picnic, exhibitions and more.
One of the important milestones of our capital is connected with the year 1946. The post-World-War II cabinet came to the conclusion that Bratislava, as the residence of top political and state Slovak national bodies, needed an adequate base.
The strike has largely paralysed production in Bratislava.
But some activities detected by the intelligence agency linked the country to terrorist groups.
“It is said that former best thieves became the best keepers.”
The run-off was won by the candidate supported by the coalition parties Smer and SNS.
The Foreign Affairs Ministry welcomes the decision, but the ethics watchdog says the scrutiny lacked depth.
Most state money goes to pensions.
An international summer school of experimental archaeology open to experts and amateurs will help build a thematic archeo-park to be opened next summer.

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