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Today is: 8/23/2017
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- Headlines from Slovakia

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Slovak Spectator

The number of firms with Czech capital is still increasing.
The session had only one point on its programme: the mandate for the prime minister to meet with the French president.
But the pollster faces accusations of alleged manipulation.
The carmaker plans to add a new facility and employ more people.
Will Andrej Danko take the government down with him?
More people will be coming to banks for advisory.
Towns get inspiration from abroad.
It was the first combined training exercise of Austrian and foreign watercraft and helicopters in Austria.
The carmaker plans to hire Slovaks, but may also employ foreigners.
But the complainant has not had his last word.
The Public Procurement Office has confirmed the flaws in competitions, but the Interior Ministry fights back.
The lawmakers need to act before the next Oliari comes to the Strasbourg court to sue Slovakia.
Tips for the top 10 events in the capital between August 25 and September 3, as well as regular services in different languages, training for foreigners in English and highlights of the year.
The fresco was discovered under several layers of plastering.
The prime minister also presented reasons why Slovakia should be in the EU core.
But were opposed by retail chains and activists as well.
The use of the contaminated batch was stopped, inspections of imported poultry products continue.
They have meanwhile managed to collect 70,000 signatures under their petition.
By using eurofunds and state aid new Mayor of Raslavice Marek Rakoš thus created some 80 jobs in two years.
Chiara Bunce has already won several medals at British youth championships.
Editors and students complain about the lack of practical training at journalism schools and missing links with the realities of the media market.
Gabriele Meucci has been serving as the Italian Ambassador to Slovakia since January this year. Coming from a posting in Kosovo where he headed the major EULEX mission, he says that Slovakia is a haven for Italian investors but recently also for Italians coming here to work.
The Order of the Star of Italy was granted by the Italian president to recognised expert in Italian opera Jaroslav Blaho, and teacher at the Grammar School of Ladislav Sára in Bratislava Marta Markošová.
Spinea promises to more than double the number of its employees
Danko called on remaining coalition parties to postpone the cabinet session scheduled for Wednesday
Shareholders of Petit Press, publisher of the Sme daily, agreed on new relationship structure
It supplies not only central Europe but twenty more countries.
Belgian Essen is a sister city of Žilina
The waterfall in Lúčky belongs among the five most beautiful in Slovakia.
The unemployment rate is expected to keep falling, but the lack of qualified workers remains a problem.
After controversial businessman, Ladislav Bašternák, pays his taxes and charges against him will be dropped, the reports indicate.
The LGBTI Pride march took place in the capital along with the “Proud about Family” event that opposed it.
Anniversary of the Warsaw Pact troop invasion that ended the Prague Spring.
“When I talk to the Brits living in Slovakia, they are quite relaxed about things,” UK Ambassador to Slovakia Andrew Garth says about the Brexit-related concerns.
The UK represents one of the five biggest export destinations for Slovakia, with the key sector being automotive.
Back in 2012, Italy was the fourth biggest investor in Slovakia.
One third more people visited Slovak cinemas in the first half of 2017 than in the same period last year.
Analysts want more alternatives for the road from Zvolen to Košice to be assessed
Existuje milión spôsobov, ako napísať perex a toto je jeden z nich.
Imrich Gablech received several Czech and foreign awards and medals. On the occasion of his 100th birthday he was promoted general.
The aim is not only to train the youth in sporting skills but also teach them to become decent and intelligent people.
Those who commit crimes against the environment should watch out.
The award is not only a big thank you gesture but also a call for everybody to forget about their comfort and think about how they can help the world become a nicer place, said the Slovak president.
The last 15 years of investments in Slovakia have covered sectors producing rubber and plastic products, metal products and motor vehicles.
The man from Košice ended up before his goal due to health problems.
Most Slovak museums and galleries are closed on Mondays, but the Slovak National Museum – SNM – decided to present some of its branches.
Opposition politician calls for labelling of bryndza made from Slovak milk

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