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Five Panoramas of Bratislava viewed from the Kamzik TowerFive Panoramas of Bratislava viewed from the Kamzik Tower
60 photos from Maidan in Kiev
Airport Vienna by a Camera LensAirport Vienna by a Camera Lens
Avalanche in Val Passiria, South Tyrol
Slovakiatour and Slovakia Gastro fairs 2014Slovakiatour and Slovakia Gastro fairs 2014
Festival Devin 2013 - PhotostoryFestival Devin 2013 - Photostory
Bratislava (Includes DVD)
Pavol Barabas and his Wandering Camera
Kosice na zaciatku tretieho tisicrocia - Kosice at the beginning of the third millenium - Kosice zu Beginn des dritten Jahrtausends
Bratislava (Obrazkova publikacia v slovenskom jazyku)
Bratislava - Picture Tour I.Bratislava - Picture Tour I.
Bratislava - Picture Tour II.
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